Kinesthetic Learning Academy

The Kinesthetic Learning Academy is jam-packed with highly refined and proven videos from world-class speaker, player, and tennis mind Emma Doyle - making it a highly sought after tennis training aid for young and new players.

What is Kinesthetic Learning?

Modern tennis is always changing and growing. It can feel like an impossible struggle to stay current and up to date as the game moves so fast around us.

It’s not enough to just get tennis lessons for your kids anymore - you have to get the RIGHT tennis lesson for them.
The Kinesthetic Learning Academy is specifically designed to be that RIGHT lesson.

With crystal clear instructions, refreshing and contagious energy, and the perfect balance of encouragement and motivation, the KLA is everything your children could ever want in a private tennis lesson.

But this lesson stands out for yet another reason. It’s virtual. Your child can start this training today, redo lessons whenever they want, and put it down just as easy until they’re ready to start again!

Here's What You’ll Get: 

  • Expert training videos that cover the foundations that a player needs to excel, grow, and succeed
  • ​Unique coaching from Emma Doyle - renowned national tennis coach and speaker, Emma is known for bringing her energy and thoughtful nature into every lesson - leaving a positive impact on every student
  • ​Virtually available, meaning you get to choose when to do another lesson, which drills are worth repeating over and over again, with a natural flow that promotes progression and growth
  • ​And many bonuses that will journey with your child as they get better and better to ensure they keep on succeeding!

The Benefits of Kinesthetic Learning

Kinesthetic Learning is the modern, innovative way of learning that is simply better and more effective for students of the game both young and old, new and experienced.

One of the biggest problems with coaching in sports is that there’s simply too much talking and other auditory instructions (like yelling). Very feel people can learn this way - most, especially in sports, learn better with visual and kinesthetic methods.

Kinesthetic Learning is all about the feel of the game. This powerful way of learning helps your brain and your body get on the same page faster, so you’re able to reproduce even difficult techniques in no time.

A great example of this in tennis is when a young player finally hits with topspin. They “get” it. Their body and their brain have connected to develop that magical feel of how to do topspin.
The player is not only super excited about this advancement in their game, but they’re also having a blast - making them stick with the game for longer which keeps tennis healthy and thriving.

As a parent, you have a responsibility to your children to give them access to the best resources, aids, and information possible. And the Kinesthetic Learning Academy is exactly that.

We’ve seen other sports, like golf, for example, use kinesthetic training aids to produce massive success and advancement in their game.

It’s time for tennis to follow suit and bring kinesthetic learning to the forefront!

Meet Emma Doyle with ACE Coach


  • TA - High-Performance Coach
  • ​USPTA - Elite Coach
  • ​Professional Tennis Registry – Performance Coach (2013 – ongoing)
  • ​Cert IV Training and Assessment (2012)
  • ​Certified Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (2012)
  • ​Diploma and Cert IV Workplace & Business Coaching (2009)
  • ​and more...

Speaking Achievements

  • United States Tennis Association and USPTA World Conferences – USA (2013, 2015 and 2019)
  • ​Federazione Italiana Tennis – Rome, Italy (2015, 2017 and 2019)
  • North Cyprus Tennis Federation – Cyprus (2015 – ongoing)
  • ​Australian Open Grand Slam Coaches Conferences (2002, 2012 – ongoing)
  • ​and more...

Testimonials for Emma

Caroline Nikolic - Parent

(daughter: Abbey)

"We first met Emma in 2016 and we love her. We quickly realized that she needed to become part of the integrated tennis coaching program for our daughter Abbey. Her extensive knowledge of tennis technique was immediately apparent, however, we were drawn to how she communicated with Abbey, in a way that grows results. Emma guides, inspires and empowers the player to realize and develop their full potential. She is a motivator with a positive attitude and boundless enthusiasm for the game and the player. Her practice sessions are fun, fresh and challenging whilst supporting performance goals.  Emma has a unique set of talents and skills that makes her an outstanding coach, one we are happy to recommend as great coaches like Emma are hard to find."

Brianna Morgan 

Former US College tennis player and Strength and Conditioning Specialist, AUSTRALIA

“I began working with Emma as an aspiring junior tennis player. The thing I remember most about those sessions were Emma’s infectious energy, passion for life and commitment to bringing out the best in your mind and body in every session. Now, the days of junior tennis are long gone, but Emma had such an indelible influence on my life as a coach that she remains to this day a highly respected and loved mentor and friend. This is a credit to Emma as not just a great coach, but a truly exceptional person.”

Neely Zervakis

The associate director of tennis at the McCormack-Nagelsen Tennis Center, Virginia

“I first met Emma Doyle at the USPTA Mid-Atlantic Conference in 2019 and I absolutely loved her presentation on Aussie doubles tactics because it was engaging and practical. Afterwards, I went up to express how amazing and helpful her presentation was and we instantly connected, sharing our passion for creative coaching solutions across the developmental pathway. Since then Emma has been my mentor and I know that I can go to her with anything. I have taken her course in Tennis NLP (neurolinguistic programming) and it was particularly helpful, and not just on the court, but in life. Thank you, Emma, for everything you have done for me and I am so excited that I am on this learning journey with you.”

Meet Kalindi Dinoffer with OnCourt OffCourt


  • Bachelor of Business Administration
  • ​Certified 200-Hour Yoga Instructor
  • Certified in Mindfulness and Mindful Self-Compassion
  • ​USPTA & PTR member

Speaking Achievements

  • Virtual Tennis Symposium with OnCourt OffCourt – 1027 people registered
  • ​USPTA World Conference - 2019
  • PTR International Symposium – 2019 & 2020
  • ​Women’s Tennis Coaching Association – New York and Eastbourne (2019)
  • ​Southern California USPTA Conference – San Diego (2016)

Testimonials for OnCourt OffCourt

Luciano Botti

Director - PTR Europe

"The OnCourt OffCourt training aids are so innovative and practical that they have quickly become an essential part of teaching and learning tennis."

Fernando Delgado

President, Technology Sport
Madrid, Spain

"OnCourt OffCourt products are helping thousands of kids in Spain improve their tennis. In Spain, over 500 tennis schools have invested in OnCourt OffCourt training aids. Special thanks to Joe Dinoffer for his innovative ideas that make teaching tennis more fun and effective."

Steve Keller

Director of Education for PTR

"Great great company. We've had a great relationship with them through the years. Great quality products and super service. It's been a pleasure working with them and we look forward to working with them for years to come."

Answers to our Frequently Asked Questions

What is gamification?
In 5 of the videos we use the concept of gamification to make the challenges interesting and fun.
Gamification refers to the use of game like thinking and mechanics to make learning fun and engaging. So what is game like thinking and mechanics? If you think like a gamer – there are 5 different reasons that people play games:

1. Collectors – people that enjoy stockpiling collections of things (group points in a row)
2. Puzzle Solvers – people that love to be mentally challenged (decision-making)
3. Narrative – People that want to be told a story (Analogies, statistics, evidence)
4. Social – people that play because their friends do (doubles, friendships, teams)
5. Competitive (PvP) – people who want to be #1 (competitive skills)

We want children to experience success and failure frequently (coming 1st or 2nd that ultimately includes some form of score pressure that involves RISK and REWARD). Ultimately, we want to reward behaviors, such as, resilience, uncertainty, listening, players’ who ask questions, effort, gratitude, adaptability, challenge and embrace the battle of competition.
How can I maximize my coaching lesson?
To maximize your coaching session - ask your coach lots of questions. Be a curious learner and ask lots of WHY questions so that you have a better understanding of different strategies that will help you fall in love with tennis. AND please ask your coach - what can you be practicing between lessons to enhance your learning.
What is kinesthetic learning?
Kinaesthetic Learning is when players acquire new skills because they understand their map of the world through physical contact and feelings. Objects, touch and feel are the key components that help to speed up the learning process. It is no longer - do as I say but rather, "can you do this?" This provides the learner with a physical challenge often using equipment.
COVID-19 means that we are all home more - what can my children be doing?
Hand and eye coordination practice is fun, healthy and improves the confidence of kids and adults alike. In all of these videos you can adapt, explore and find different and creative ways to practice at home. You are only limited by your imagination. 
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